CountR is a survey and data platform that allows partners and users to both request responses on various topics while rewarding the users for contributing feedback​

We are both mobile and web based, and we provide a structured platform for data gathering.

About Us

CountR For Survey

CountR is the first African based Survey and Crowd Data Sourcing Platform. Our business is numbers and responses.​

The CountR platform allows the user and partners to perform surveys and gather important data for their business from their user community. Our platform allows for easy information gathering and projection.

The CountR App​

The CountR app allows users to participate in multiple surveys. It provides different survey topics as well as allows for participation in partner surveys​

It also shows the reward level and prizes won by users for survey participation.​

The app is available on both IOS and app store and web


Create an Account

The CountR platform allows users to create an account where they can respond to questions from and review their prize status​

Search For Survey

The CountR platform allows users to search for partner surveys and respond to specific organisation surveys​

Submit Survey

The CountR platform allows partners to submit surveys and provides a unique URL for them to link to the surveys from​

Get Survey Results

The CountR platform provides real time results to our partners allowing graphical view of responses on an adaptive dashboard​


Partner’s Features​

Partner Account

The CountR platform allows partner onboarding and access to create surveys, review real time results and adjust and analyze data collected over time​

Add Survey

Partners and users can add surveys and build their surveys to suit the audience they intend it for. It is simple to add and adjust or amend​

Get Survey Results

The CountR platform ensures your data is available to you at anytime. It provides you clear data for the responses collected ​

Eco Friendly ​

EcoCountR aims to promoting Sustainability and Responsible Practices in Nigeria and Africa

It is our contribution to providing an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) proposition to creating a higher value for the country and the environment.

Our Eco focus is on Energy and the Environment. We intend in the first instance to contribute and aid education in the areas of
Energy efficiency & emission Education/Reduction
Environmental, social, and governance Education

We realize that without education and involvement in aiding the transition for the mass number of people and organizations, there will be no change.

CountR CO2 Emissions Savings

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